Deha Tech is serving as an Industrial company in environmental technologies. We design and supply technically and economically most optimal solution to our customers.

Our core businesses are in environmental technologies Water, Wastewater, Biogas and Air Treatment.

One of the Deha Tech`s main goals is to increase the world’s energy-efficiency, and to make the planet more environmentally benign. In order that these goals be achieved, we provide several other industries with the necessary technologies.

Environmental technologies are not just individual technologies, but total systems which include know-how, procedures, goods and services, and equipment as well as organizational and societal processes and procedures.

Environmental Technology usually refers to specific technologies that are used only for the purpose of solving environmental problems. Examples include carbon-scrubbing filters, waste reduction technologies, water purification machines etc.

Sustainable development is more topical than ever. Climate change, impacts on biodiversity and depletion of natural resources are mankind’s major challenges.

It needs cleaner and resource efficient environmental technologies which can decrease material inputs, reduce energy consumption and emissions, recover valuable by-products, minimize waste disposal problems or some combination of these.

Deha Tech ready to serve you with all our capabilities in this area:

  • Enough range of skills with further training to the sector context.
  • High-level skills electrical engineering and quality control, hydrodynamic modelling, and specialist structural engineering.
  • Research and development skills actively support industry needs.
  • Teamwork and leadership, commercial awareness, customer relationships, communication, adaptability and flexibility
  • Project management skills
  • Graduate engineers for installation projects.
  • Our engineers who will adapt most successfully to the needs of the developing sector are those with well-honed creative skills.
  • Dynamic attitude to meeting the opportunities and challenges ahead.
  • Development of business skills amongst specialist employees.
  • Training in export and negotiation skills.

Vocational skills installation and maintenance of specific equipment, solar panels, wind turbines energy devices etc.

Knowledge transfer for the sector in developing knowledge-sharing partnerships.

As well as highlighting the importance of recycling, water and waste management of our facilities cover activity in the production of renewable energy, including marine, solar and wind design and manufacture

Modern environmental technology in plant engineering reduces emissions

The global environmental goal is to reduce CO2 emissions. We can help to stop CO2 emissions from increasing by improving energy efficiency and using environmentally friendly technologies.

Manufacturing processes produce exhaust gases and vapors that can harm the environment if not treated.

Deha Tech team of experts to assist you and to guarantee an economically successful solution, based on your requirements